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The Why, What and How of Spill Kits

The Why, What and How of Spill Kits


Spill kits are like a first aid kit for a spill, having one can save you from a much larger mess and hundreds if not thousands of dollars. It keeps waterways and soil clean and unpolluted. From factories, gas stations, loading dock and big rigs there are so many places to keep a spill kit on hand. A spill kit in the home garage or work shop can aid the home owner in cleaning up the work area in the event of a spill. In a warehouse where a fork lift can puncture a drum or tote a spill kit can save time and money by quickly containing the spill. There is a size to fit every need, if you are not sure what is needed, call us and we can help you get the right products to fit your concerns.

The cost of having an environmental cleanup contractor may be necessary if the spill is large or gets out of control, but for small problems be prepared and buy and keep a spill kit.


Spill Kits come in many sizes and shapes from a small inexpensive disposable kit to a tote size in casters. A basic small kit will have a couple of absorbent socks and some absorbent pads. The pads and socks are white for hydrocarbons (oils & fuel) grey for all spills even water; then yellow for chemical spills. For the larger kits we add large boom instead of socks. The white pads, socks and boom float and do not pick up water so they are excellent for clean up in or around water.

There are sometimes a number of plugging and patching products added to kit to use to stop a rip, tear or puncture. When you use this method to stop a leak do not transport unless you have secondary containment in place. We use wood plugs, golf tees and a product called Plug-n-Dike. Plug-n-Dike sticks to dirty greasy surfaces to stop leaks from turning to spills. Ultra-Sorb is a diatomaceous earth that is used to absorb spills and when swept around picks up on asphalt and concrete.

All our kits come with safety gloves, glasses and a containment bag with a zip tie for collecting the used product. If you are not sure what is needed call us and we will be happy to help you get exactly what you need.


Store and keep your Spill Kit in a area that is highly visible and easy to get to, as you would a fire extinguisher. In the event of a spill open the kit and put on your safety gloves and glasses. First, try to stop the spill if possible, upright the container or plug the hole using the wood plugs or Plug-Dike from the kit.

Use the sock (a 3″x4′ long absorbent) to surround the release, then use the absorbent pads to soak up spill. Avoid walking on or stepping in the spill area. Keep the release from any water, if this is not possible call for more help. Replace the pads and sock as they become saturated and put in the containment bag provided.

If the spill is on asphalt or concrete use the bag of Ultra-Sorb to get on the small cracks and crevices. When you are finished with the clean-up put all the items along with the used gloves into the containment bag and zip tie it. Check with your local regional laws and regulations regarding disposal.


We supply ready-made and custom designed Spill Kits, specialized hazardous materials response equipment, training props, Lid Tight® Dome Clamps, Stinger Assemblies, The Whack A Rod Driver®, our specially designed Tank Truck Rollover Simulator and more…

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