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Auxiliary Services
Demolition Services


In addition to our environmental products and services, NorthWest HazMat also provides a range of other services to cater to diverse situations and needs.

  • Demolition

    We are able to provide demolition services to remove and dispose of structures, mobile homes, manufactured homes as well as commerical structures.  Our services also includes the asbestos inspection if required.  (Abatement is not included)

  • Excavation / Dirt Work

    If you need any excavation work done our equipment and operators are ready for your project.  From culverts to drainage for water control, fill a hole or dig a hole, give us a call.

  • Debris Removal

    Removal of old buildings, garbage, trash outs, abandoned waste.

  • Board-up Services

    We can board up a building when windows or doors are broken out or when you want to deny entry to a vacant or unattended building.

  • Homeless Camp Debris Removal

    We have experience with removal of homeless camps and the debris associated with these camps.  If trespassers are on your property, call us.  If necessary, we will work with law enforcement to vacate the property.  We then remove all waste associated with these camps, from garbage, to human waste to sharps and other hazards.

  • Maintenance for Foreclosed Property

    We secure any foreclosed property, change locks, remove outside garbage and debris, and board up windows.

  • Mold Abatement

    Along with our mold and air quality testing, we can also provide mold abatement/removal and help you find the cause of the mold.  We will repair the cause, and if necessary, remove and replace any contaminated building materials.

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