We supply ready-made and custom designed Spill Kits, specialized hazardous materials response equipment, training props, Lid Tight® Dome Clamps, Stinger Assemblies, The Whack A Rod Driver®, our specially designed Tank Truck Rollover Simulator and more…

Hazmat Spill Response Services
24 Hour Spill Response


When you need FAST spill response, or special clean-up services call NorthWest HazMat. No matter what your business is, your hazardous material incidents, staffing needs or spill cleanup products are OUR business.

Our 24-Hour Spill Response service has a record of being fast, fair and professional. NorthWest HazMat is one of eighteen members of the American Chemistry Council ChemNet® System in the United States, as well as other response services. We have responded to both traffic accidents as well as industrial incidents, and are specifically trained in transportation emergencies.

Tanker truck rollover
Two trucks accident

If your company transports products on the highway, your company could be involved in an accident. From fuel spills to leaking loads and tank truck rollovers, we have the experience, equipment and trained personnel to respond to almost any situation. On the occasion where we cannot mitigate an incident in a timely manner, we can access our “Spill Responder Network” for assistance.


  • Crime, Trauma and Suicide Scene Clean-up

    We can provide specialized and trained clean-up workers for Crime, Trauma and Suicide scene clean-up. These people have been trained (in addition to any hazmat training) in working with all types of hazards associated with this type of service.

  • Mold & Asbestos Testing Facility

    In-house laboratory that offers testing and analysis for Asbestos and Mold. We provide testing services for both the public and private sector.

  • Property Sampling & Assessment

    We can perform on-site sampling, transportation for lab analysis and site assessment services to determine what hazardous materials are found and help you select the proper disposal options.

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