We supply ready-made and custom designed Spill Kits, specialized hazardous materials response equipment, training props, Lid Tight® Dome Clamps, Stinger Assemblies, The Whack A Rod Driver®, our specially designed Tank Truck Rollover Simulator and more…

Management & Consulting
NW Hazmat Hazardous Materials Consulting Services


NorthWest HazMat can manage many of your environmental concerns, from hazardous waste to mold. We can also provide cost effective remediation and abatement services from beginning to end, from small sites to large projects. We oversee every aspect of the job, and ensure that every task is performed with you, the customer in mind.


Hazardous waste disposal can be very expensive. Properly managing these wastes and finding alternative ways of disposal, can save you money. Contact us to see if we can help reduce your disposal costs. We can also reduce your costs by providing you with consulting services and help you develop your own hazardous waste management strategy. Our consultants will help you to develop alternatives to using hazardous materials to reduce your waste.

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