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OSHA defines a confined space as:
1.  Any space not designed for continuous occupancy or not designed for people
2.  Large enough to enter but,
3.  Restricted means for entry and exit.

If a space has any of the following characteristics it is a permit required confined space:
1.  Contains or has the potential to contain a hazardous atmosphere
2.  Contains a material that has the potential to engulf an entrant, either solid, liquid or gas
3.  Has walls that converge inward or floors that slope downward, or
4.  Has any other recognized safety hazard such as exposed live wires or heat stress
Then a permit is required to enter the space.

NorthWest HazMat, Inc. presents this course for anyone who could enter a confined space or supervise an entry including inspectors, maintenance personnel and safety professionals.

This course focuses on the safety issues from accessing a space to insuring that anyone who enters the space is safe.


  • Obtaining a permit
  • Isolating the space or removing the hazards
  • Air monitoring and changing the atmosphere
  • Respirators and Required Respirator Program
  • Making a safe entry
  • Duties of the entrant and the attendant
  • Duties of the Entry Supervisor
  • Using tag lines and ropes including knots
  • Equipment needed for a safe entry
  • Preforming a non-entry rescue
  • Review of OSHA Confined Space Regulations
  • This is a classroom and hands on training program.
    This course does not include entry rescue procedures.


Prerequisite None
Cost $225.00 per person
Annual Refresher $100.00 per person
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